Braşov Chamber of Commerce and Industry is the largest organization supporting and promoting business in Brașov and it represents the voice of business environment in Brașov.

Brașov Chamber of Commerce and Industry is an associative, autonomous, non-governmental organization of public interest and public utility, apolitical, without patrimonial purpose, nonprofit, legal person, established in order to represent, protect and support the interests of its members and those of the Brasov business community with regard to the national and international authorities and bodies.

Brașov Chamber of Commerce and Industry - representative and advisory organization

  • Represents and supports the professional interests of companies to local and central government bodies, other bodies and institutions
  • Supports Romanian companies' interests in relations with foreign specialized bodies
  • Propose to the legal bodies normative acts in the interest of commerce promoting
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The mission, purpose and objectives of CCI Braşov


The Chamber's mission, as representative of the Brasov Business Community, is to be the main promoter of local, regional and national economic development, aiming at becoming the first choice partner and consultative pole for the companies, by providing professionally tailored services for current and future commercial partners, in a competent, impartial and efficient manner.


The Chamber's purpose is to participate in the development of a favorable business environment and to support its members in their relations with local and central public authorities.


Regular consultation with its member companies;
Promoting and sustaining its members opinion/ points of view;
Identifying the problems the companies are facing;
Mediating the relation between the business environment and the local and governmental authorities;
Representing and protecting thebusiness interests of the companies in their relations with local, national and international institutions at the following institutional levels: economic and administrative, local, national and international;
Cooperation with local institutions and authorities in order to start and implement sustainable development projects;
Lobbying for new legislative projects or for modifying them in order to improve the business environment;
Performing a wide range of high quality services for the business environment;
Creation and maintenance of a competitive business environment supporting the increase of products and service competitiveness of local companies;
Permanent updating the provided services according to the needs of the companies;
Solving the legal disputes through The Court of Commercial Arbitration;
Providing information about financing opportunities and writingfinancing applications for companies;
Organizing events about environment protection and intellectual property issues to support companies in their effort to insurethe quality of their products and services;
Company advertising activities;
Expanding relationships with other foreign chambers, institutions and similar organizations, through partnerships and exchange programs in order to improve the Chamber's activity.

Our history

  • 25 years from the restarting of Chamber activity

    Through excellence, the Chambers of Commerce, around the world, are a symbol of the market economy and their autonomy suggest the economic freedom of each participant which contributes of the making of the commercial landscape.

  • 1850 the year of Brasov Chamber of Commerce and Industry establishment

    At 1850, March  30th, into Imperial Legislative Bulletin  (Allgemeines Reichs - Gesetz - und Regierungsblatt für das Kaiserthum Oesterreich) was published the provisional  Law  regarding the establishment of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry, ratified by the Emperor at 1850, March 18th.