Brașov CCI members benefit of exclusiveness, free services, priority, lower fees
for services provided by the Chamber

Membership of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Brasov opens the door to new business opportunities and to a network of over 500 companies.

Advantages offered to members

Specialized guidance for companies setting-up and development;
Advice and assistance, design and implementation of funding projects;
Meetings with potential Romanian and foreign business partners;
Representing & supporting the interests of businesses in the country and abroad;
Participation in trade events (trade missions, trade fairs, exhibitions, seminars, conferences);
Commercial Arbitration;
Drafting commercial correspondence;
Support for innovation within INFOTEH;
Registration in the Electronic Archive for Security Interests in Movable Property – AEGRM;
Conflict mediation;
Evaluation and certification of professional competence;
Personnel selection and recruitment;
Expert advice, information and guidance on issues related to the activity of traders (commercial, financial, fiscal, management, marketing, trade, human resources, insurance, banking, customs etc. fields);
Organizing conferences, exhibitions, seminars, presentations of companies in Chamber's premises.

Strategic and operational business planning (prospective studies, business plans, feasibility studies, impact studies, sales strategies, competitive analysis, consumer reaction studies, marketing studies and strategies);
The release of origin certificates, company certificates of worthiness, force majeure certificates;
Drawing up company set-up documents/ changes in constitutive documents;
Participation in fairs and exhibitions organized by ROMEXPO;
Marketing databases;
Obtaining marketing information about: potential business partners from Romania and abroad;
Advertising company on the newsletter and website of CCI Bv.;
Renting professionally equipped conference rooms;
Organizing company events: anniversaries, product / service launches, various inaugurations;
Endorsement of external commercial documents (invoices, documents proving the company existence, of its board members and their signatures);
Initiation, qualification, specialization and improvement courses.

Insertion of contact data on the website; www.ccibv.ro with link to member company website;
Business opportunities & information on international public procurement;
Providing information on EU programmes and funding opportunities;
Advertising company offers at the Chamber's headquarter and on the panel dedicated to CCI Bv's members;
Attending to meetings with representatives of local or central authorities;
Information through weekly electronic newsletter - news.ccibv.ro;
Assistance regarding standards and the process of standardization;
Access to the documentation received from European Commission;
Information on management systems;
Receiving "Membership Card" and the membership badge, issuing the certificate of membership.

Company's recommendation within the framework of domestic and international requests for cooperation;
Participation at general meetings of Chamber's members;
The right to elect and be elected in the board of the Chamber.

10 REASONS to become a member of Brasov CCI

in relation with national authorities and international specialized bodies
in business enviroment
of more than 10.000 chambers of commerce
to all products and services provided by the Chamber
at highest professional level
regarding the European Union
both internal and abroad
offered by the unic european market
competence and credibility
through a vast list of courses